Tuesday, May 31, 2016

7 Uses for Avery Labels You Haven’t Heard Of

Or maybe you have.  Some are common sense.  Some are creative.

1.      Address Labels

We know, we know.  Everyone uses Avery labels as address labels.  But we had to include it, right?  RIGHT?

2.      Soap Labels

We did not take this photo

No, really.  Check out this tutorial by Alana Jones-Mann and keep them in the bank for next Mother’s Day.  Or adapt the template for a different holiday.

3.      Nametags

Hello, my name is StoleThisFromTheOfficeSupplyCabinet.

4.      Jam jar embellishment

We also did not take this photo

They do double-duty by both labeling and pleasing the eye.  See where we found these for some inspiration.

5.    Name Placards on the Cheap

And/or position labels.  Especially good for office trolls, like the The Front of the Envelope Content Creator.

6. Envelope seals

Like wax seals, but cheaper and easier because they’re customizable.  Also, no one will think you’re stuck in the middle ages.

7.      Lighter decorations

This is the last photo that we did not take

Artist Sean Wells uses Avery labels to put her artwork onto lighters, and was recently named the winner of Avery’s Celebrating Great Labels contest in the So Unexpected category.  Rightfully so.

Long story short: you can do some cool stuff with these labels, and now we can (shamelessly) sell them to you.  Here’s our website.  Or call us if that’s what rings your bell: (800) 228-2298.

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